Day 2 – My Morning Momentum Continuation

I got up a bit later than my wife who this morning went to get our daughter from her cot in her nursery. Our daughter Lily was a little sniffly as she and I have had a summer cold for almost a week now. We spent about 10 more mins lying in bed as a family though our girl, Lily, at two and two months, struggles to stay still for more than a minute at a time. I coughed up a lung and blew out my nose then decided O.K. I’m going on a run, Lily saw what I was doing and brought me a shoe (she’s so helpful for her daddy), then said goodbye to my wife and girl with a blessing of the holy water we keep in the home, Lily dipped her finger in the bottle after asking me and then I held her up while she traced a vertical line on my wife’s forehead and said “Holy Spirit blessing”. She is super cute and loving! I started my run by testing video taking on my phone and got puffed a few times, slowing down to a walk, later I’ll post some video to HonestDadvice after I look through it. After a half hour jog I pulled some dead leaves from bushes, put out the bins, then made some breakfast while my wife – Jess, came out with some great one liners: “I don’t like sharing” over me taking one cup of granola rather than her standard half cup, as well as “great, now I’m exhausted already, wait no not really, I’m just tired of fighting over the same things daily” in regards to Lily struggling with her during morning toothbrush time; lastly my personal favourite of the morning “Lily! Your not very good at self-care, are you?” Classic Jess ❤

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