Day 3 – Morning routine, do something purposeful and meaningful each day!

Nice greening up happening here 🙂

I want to share some wisdom from my musing whilst watering the garden and grass of my rented home today. Firstly, thanks for reading and I hope you are safe and well, it’s a privilege to be in sunny Perth, Western Australia and live in peace and security. I am very blessed and practice regular gratitude for what I continually receive. My wife made breakfast for our daughter and I – Greek yoghurt and granola – yum! Then I took 45 mins or so out to go and water the front lawn and back garden beds thoroughly – we have reticulation (sprinklers built in) but there are water restriction regulations here due to climate change and ongoing low annual rainfall, combined with a large and growing population. I am very grateful for the ability to grow and maintain a green garden at this time – summer temperatures in Perth range a fair bit from high 20’s to low 40’s Celsius in the months December – March!

Jess had an appointment and left about 10 am – after a sweet kiss with Lily – our daughter is very loving thanks be to God! I also took the opportunity to hug my wife and bless her, Lily and myself with holy water too. Next up is a drive to the local coffee house 🙂 I’m a latte drinker and will get Lily a babychino too. Hope to post some more video to my channel: Honestdadvice on YouTube again soon, my first theme for about 5 videos is planned to be on the subject of Religion and Science: specifically how they are philosophically and technically distinct and not antagonistic or oppositional. I am well placed to address this point as I had practical first-hand experience over 6+ years in my previous employment teaching teenagers in both Religious Education and Science in a Fremantle based Catholic College. Feel free to find more info about my endeavours on Ehrlich Educational as well, my small business’ Facebook page.

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