Day 7 – Morning Mass then Lunch w/fam @ Auntie’s šŸ™‚

Today was a hectic morning, it always is getting ready for Church with a two year old! We braved the roadworks en route to our Church as it is near a level crossing on suburban rail network which is very congested and needs an underpass for road users badly. I find it hard to focus on Mass sometimes as the audio is very quiet in our “family room” with other very well behaved toddlers but it’s still noisy with their play. We also endure a challenging music ministry at our Parish of choice, they are serving God so I try to remember that but the music selection is extremely repetitive and not at all inspiring anymore sadly, I also really dislike modifications however minor, to the Lord’s Prayer which I really wish they would recite correctly rather than trying to shoehorn in another song. Of course we go for Eucharist and receiving the grace of Jesus to continue serving God in our family life and thank God Lily already knows and says we go to Church to pray to Jesus ā¤ļø

Now we are on way down to Mundijong in Perth’s South for a family celebration, Jess’s eldest cousin turning 21! Looking forward to it šŸ˜Š God bless and hope we all have a good week ahead.

Breakfast of champions coffee and yoghurt with granola – yum
Our local coffee bean supplier
Fluffy dough for tonight’s pizza woo!
She loves her ‘flection in mirra’
Our little cutie eating oats/porridge for brekky

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