Week 2 – Day 1: Pizza triumph and trying to stay motivated

This morning I want to share that pizza was a success Woot! Got a great crust which puffed nicely but wasn’t too thick in middle with a technique called docking (poking the dough with a fork or spiked roller before layering on your topping) we ate one pizza between two for dinner then brekky again so pretty good value for a small family πŸ™‚ probably fine to eat once a week or fortnight health wise too. See some photos below:

I am proud of this circular one it had a nice brown base as well.
We did a 30 hr 1st rise in fridge from Sat morn then kneaded w/2nd high protein floured surface and rose again room temp for 2 more hrs, then it was easy to spread out by hand no rolling pin required. I use the clingwrap to avoid it sticking to hands and then docked with a fork from centre spiralling outwards.
Pro tip: less is more, we ended up not using half that capsicum in the end and not all the basil either. Also cut everything very thin for faster even cooking.
Gotta stay focused πŸ˜‰
Mission accomplished!

Today is a art and craft day for Lily with a stamps and painting kit Jess bought online, I am also going to sign up for Adobe creative cloud and start learning video editing techniques via YouTube from today! Stay safe and have a good week! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

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