Week 3 – Day 5: Routine returning and getting ready for a night out on the town!

Jess, Lily and I are adjusting back to routine after my Mother’s visit, with lunch salad rolls and the obligatory cleaning up the floor when Lily threw much of the bread and some of the meat on her plate away (the two’s are a bit of a challenging phase!) We are getting ready to have Jess’ Mum visit for the evening to babysit our Lily, while we go out for a dinner to celebrate ‘date night’ having finalised my work pay and received a generous settlement this week which will keep us solvent w/o a business loan for a few months thankfully. Giving me a chance to get upskilled with video production and release some content from the end of this month, regularly for a while before returning to relief/supply teaching in the local high schools.

Going out now for a bit of an overdue beard trim and haircut!

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