Week 3 – Day 6: Little Bangkok, TGIF and a lie in!

Last night Jess and I had 2021’s first ‘date night’ and her Mum came up to babysit Lily for a few hours, generously with her partner despite them both having busy working weeks! Lily was thankfully a breeze and calm with them having lots of fun playing with finger puppets he had bought from Ikea in the week thinking of her.

We ate a variety of nice dishes while out, the restaurant we went to – Little Bangkok specialises in Thai cuisine, so I had scallops in coconut curry and Jess had soft-shell crab Bao (little pockets of fluffy dough filled with sauce and meat); for mains I had Pad Thai with more soft-shell crab, very salty and seafood flavour strong but tasty, perhaps a few too many for my lack of familiarity with it but fine, Jess had pork belly in a black asian style sauce (mild spiciness). For drinks, above Jess is pictured with a Singapore Sling cocktail, I had their Tom Yum cocktail (which was flavoured with lime leaves and chilli – very nice). Afterwards, we walked to a nearby restaurant chain specialising in New York style American fare – TGIF, and had s’mores for dessert with Jack Daniels inspired Raspberry Lynchburg cocktails. Then home, farewell to family who had a long drive home so we got back before 9 to give them a chance to get a good night’s rest. Thankfully Lily stayed asleep till 8 am this morn! Such a little champion šŸ™‚

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