Month 2 – Week 5: Day 1

Today marks the start of a period of 5 days of snap ‘lockdown’ for the people of South-West WA (including myself and some 2 million others in Perth the state capital and many other regional centres) This is due to one confirmed case of community transmission of Covid-19 and further suspected cases in a cluster in the North-East of the Metropolitan area (one of the largest in the world) of a very sparsely populated region but with nonetheless possible risk of transmission over a wide area by a very mobile populace with little prior exposure to the virus and thus less developed and rigorous protocols for public health awareness than other jurisdictions. I think and hope that this lockdown will succeed in slowing or eliminating community transmission for now, but without widespread vaccination, more repeats may occur. Many of my former colleagues would have returned to work as high-school teachers today had the lockdown not been announced yesterday and are now in a 1 – week delay which may have implications for Year 12’s – 17 – 18 y/o’s in final year secondary studies, with their coursework and instructions being delayed whilst they remain home. My thoughts go out to all who are disrupted and impacted, whilst I remain as always grateful for my own circumstances which I believe are very blessed. Today Lily made cookies with Jess, I recorded my second video on the topic of freedom of speech/expression which will release tomorrow or Wednesday and overall things are stable here, we even got masks so can go shopping as needed. May God bless all who read this and keep you safe and secure in these challenging times!

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