Month 2 – Week 5: Day 3

Howdy all, today is what traditionally would be pay day and bin day – I am currently a self-employed small business owner as those following the blog might know, due to resigning from my 100k per year role as a full-time High School teacher of science and religious education at the end of 2020. Why would you do that?!? I hear people screaming, well the honest truth is that I was struggling with anxiety and depression for much of the past few years of education in the classroom. Perhaps it’s my own dispositions and attitudes, maybe its the climate and corporate culture where I was employed, maybe the students and their parents. More likely it’s a little bit of all of that combining to make me hungry to pursue my own dream, be my own boss, write, speak and think my way out of my traps both financial and ‘comfort’ based. I was also blessed more than many during the COVID-19 Pandemic, with a financial windfall of $40,000 withdrawable from my wife and my ‘superannuation’ or retirement funds due to COVID-19 based relaxation of normally very restrictive policies. We used the entirety of that money to pay off ALL debt excluding a remainder of 16k of student loans from the previous decade (the noughties) which thankfully is only indexed against inflation so is much less expensive than privately held debt, but still, gives you an idea just how much we were living beyond our means before. We are not by any stretch wealthy in Australian terms – we rent, have less than 3 months of income saved and currently (as my wife was a stay-at-home mum to Lily already) have exactly 0 income and are reliant on my long-service leave payout which after tax ended up at 10k to last until income picks up from casual relief teaching work and I pray from me being successful in my small business venture. I trust to Jesus to provide and He’s never let me down and never will! I watered the garden wearing a mask during lockdown this morning and will now take my wife and drive to a friends to drop off a small very belated Christmas gift which was delayed in delivery due to COVID issues with postal service. However, I am grateful it came, patience is a virtue I clearly need to further cultivate or it wouldn’t continue to be so very tested, right, right?!?! ;p

The plants remain healthy and alive 🙂
Now that this blog post is done, off to have my home-made Barista style Latte! Woot 🙂

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