Month 2 – Week 5: Day 6

Hi all, thankfully where I am in South-West W.A. and the Perth region, the 5 day lockdown was deemed successful with no new cases detected in fairly rigorous testing, especially in ‘suspected hotspot’ locations, the lockdown was lifted for most from 6 pm, but there was a line to get into the local haberdashery retailer ‘Spotlight’ I went to with some friends for a bit of fabric to make reusable washable masks rather than the disposable ones. As a high-school teacher, even with only the possibility of relief work, I need to be prepared for wearing a mask all the time out of the house. It was also a chance to chat and catch up which we followed up at mine with a board game sesh playing a Dungeons and Dragons style game called Munchkin: Link here

You know you want this now…

Today my wife’s sister is coming over later to see Lily and we’ll probably have Indian Village (our local quality Indian takeaway option) – yum!

I love board games and Indian food lol!

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