Month 2 – Week 6: Day 1 Back to School in W.A. but not returning myself

This blog has always been a bit of a journal/diary as well as the promotional page for my videos as Honestdadvice, so if you have read or engaged thus far you may know I’m a High School Science and Religious Education (Catholic Christianity) teacher in Perth W.A. however, I have resigned amicably from my role at a Catholic College near Fremantle where I worked for 7 years as of December, it’s a new phase of my life journey now with my own small business venture and goals to relief teach, tutor, supervise exams and mark them too as the opportunities present themselves.

Today my aim is to write a script and begin filming my 3rd video on the topic of the afterlife/end destiny of humans.

I wish all the students and staff returning to classes a fruitful and positive learning environment today, kind regards from Mr E

No more empty classrooms! Photo by Pixabay on

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