Month 2 – Week 6: Day 2

What will I speak on next, now that I’ve written my script for the video on the ultimate destiny of human life, I think I want to write about the issues the unborn face in our world at present. There are many evil forces and tendencies which we are challenged to address in this life. I am sympathetic that there are many causes of unwanted pregnancies but the honest truth is that there are currently too many abortions, any time a child is killed in the uterus in the interests of another or others it is a tragedy and an evil thing, as the human being is full of potential and the possibility of love and life. As I look at my two-year old and realise the immensity of the blessing I have received by having her in my life, I think it is just so sad that some would reject that possibility for themselves or others. This will be a challenging topic for some but it is a necessary thing to examine, especially in the context of current ‘Catholic’ President Biden who fully supports the Democratic Party in their efforts towards expanded abortion provision globally.

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