Month 2 – Week 6: Day 4

I have been in the process of a debate/discussion with a fellow Facebook user who has an account/page called reality not fantasy, who is a self-evidently militantly Atheistic person who advocates the specific view that religions are all a form of delusion and that there is no god/gods, requesting that I acknowledge this point, for the past week and a half since publishing my initial video on Science and Religion. I begin today by encouraging any who read this who like such things as intellectual debates to find and examine their page: Reality not fantasy and my own: Ehrlich Educational. I will in future collate and edit the conversation for flow of dialogue as there is some really fascinating stuff in amongst it all…

On other news, I’ve got to drive to Perth and show my ID for a national police clearance today – yay! Who doesn’t love jumping through hoops to apply for the privilege of relief teaching young people? So blessed! ;p #grateful_to_our_government! Lol

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