Month 2 – Week 7: Day 1 Adventures in the CBD of Perth

This morning I decided not to write a blog post until my trip out, planned for the first morning since School term begun that the W.A. State Department of Education was open to the public so I could finalise their required ID check in person for the 2nd stage of a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check – The WA Screening unit will now issue in 2 business days or so a SCN or screening number to allow my legal employment as a casual ‘relief’ teacher in State Schools in W.A. alongside various Catholic or Private schools I might also work at.

As I was out anyway I took a trip to the Hay St. Mall in the CBD and shopped for Vlog/Streaming equipment at a local JB Hi-Fi, getting helpful tips from a board game youtuber there and then going to Big W to buy a $20 photo frame for the glass pane to use as a teleprompter screen in upcoming video!

I also signed an Anti-CCP petition for a lovely and very polite and well-spoken Chinese woman who was glad to hear of the topics my channel discusses too.

Finally as an impulse buy @Big W I also purchased a fully functional 60x (5 mm eyepiece) and 120x (10 mm eyepiece) refracting telescope for hobby astronomy tonight, I’ll try to see some stars and planets!

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