Month 2 – Week 7: Day 2

Adventures of everyday life πŸ™‚ this morning I went out with Jess and Lily, went to Target shopping for items for each of us, ended up with some nice easter bunny ears for Lily, Jess and I πŸ™‚ I also purchased more things for setting up a makeshift/self-made teleprompter for a relatively low price. Yesterday I bought a 30cmx24cm glass pane (in a picture frame) which I removed, a $30 bar stool, a $20 tripod (which came with the telescope I mentioned yesterday and used last night at 10pm and again around 4am *(far too much light pollution from lamp streetlights to actually see much here but testing confirms the telescope is functional though cheap :)) finally I scored a $1 box of a car mount holder setup for a tablet! It had been returned ‘faulty’ but was fine – a store manager I explained my plans to remembered it and showed me when I asked πŸ™‚ awesome!

I will photograph the set up when I finish it. I bought a hot glue gun to permanently affix the glass to the holder. Should be good to go then!

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