Month 2 – Week 7, Day 4: Ping Pong with Dad today :)

First I want to say my thoughts and prayers are with all Texans and south-western US citizens and even potentially Mexicans affected by recent adverse weather events there 😦 I am writing my climate change themed 5th video and became more deeply aware of the situation in my homeland as a result. It’s also true that people in European nations are being affected by a slip slipstream of stratospheric air caused by destabilisation of global climate systems in recent decades with arctic warming. More analysis will come in the video, please check it out.

Today we’re visiting my father-in-law (Dad) Sean and hanging out while he has a shift break from his work as an Airport refueler technician. Looking forward to it and taking each day as it comes, have been really grateful for the many opportunities to relax and recharge mentally and emotionally since I have stopped full-time teaching in mid Dec.

We are still solvent for paying bills etc. until mid March but I am considering alternatives in addition to relief teaching work as no-one has yet called due in part to delays and disruptions to the school term brought about by COVID-19 related lockdowns – possibly night shift work, cleaning or stacking shelves for grocers or in security. May God continue to provide for and sustain our human family at large in these challenging times.

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