Month 2: Week 8, Day 3 – Broken bed frame :(

Today’s post is late because I have had a very busy morning. My wife came down sick with a summer cold since yesterday evening and we had a fairly sleepless night, our old Ikea bed frame finally packed it in, snapping at the base and so I have removed it to the back patio until the (mercifully/fortuitously soon) verge waste collection coming up this next week in our suburb/area. I hope we don’t get in trouble with our landlord (renting currently) for having mattress on floor, I’ve set up on wood slats which were a salvageable part of bed-frame deconstruction 🙂 and I also put Lily’s soft floor mat in between to make more of a water proof block to moisture build-up from body heat and sweat in the night! Steak for dinner tonight so I have that to cheer myself up at least – marinating now for 4+ hours will make for an epic flavour!

In other news my very first commenter: clubschadenfreude on this WordPress blog (Month 2: Week 8, Day 2) has found my post for yesterday on discussions with Peter (an Atheist whom I’ve struck up a very amiable conversation with over the past fortnight or so). I have done a preliminary reply to them too, with hopefully more to come in future dialogue efforts.

Man, I look happy to be moving a broken bed frame about, don’t I? #Iwokeuplikethis
I pride myself on being adaptable…

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