Month 2: Week 8, Day 4 – To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? That is the question…

I am intrigued by the debates and discussion surrounding vaccination in general, especially the ‘rise’ (statistically) of a significant proportion of vaccine rejecting persons ‘anti-vaxxers’ in wealthy, developed nations where access is ubiquitous. Many don’t seem to appreciate the reality of their situation as dependent creatures who rely upon one another for mutual support. It’s as if some believe (erroneously) that their actions and beliefs do not affect others – hmmm, I wonder where I’ve heard that before…

I plan to evaluate and discuss the reasons FOR vaccine use first so I don’t get pilloried, but I also acknowledge that there ARE LEGITIMATE pathways for concern regarding some aspects of COVID-19 related vaccination efforts (and especially of their communication.

I remind readers that I am a very, very fortunate citizen of Perth, W.A. where we have had extremely fortuitous circumstances, aided to some degree by Govt. policy, but in general we are blessed by a highly developed and wealthy economy in a very geographically isolated region. I am drawing more from international and interstate experiences than anything else, but it’s true that I have had a COVID-19 test (nasal swab) personally (which came back in 2 days negative result) and I’ve had vaccinations for multiple pathogens administered to me including in adulthood regularly, flu/influenza vaccines annually. I also intend to access the Pfizer type vaccine if at all possible over the Astra-Zeneca one, personally when it becomes available. I will as I say discuss rationale for this in more depth in a forthcoming video.

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