Month 2: Week 8, Day 6 – Recovering from relief :)

Yesterday was a tiring experience, I haven’t taught professionally in a primary context (except two weeks in a Yr 6/7 mixed class for Practicum placement back in 2009 in late November). Thankfully there were some good teaching directions and tasks to utilise left by the ill classroom teacher, also there was an assembly first thing so I could observe the behaviour and disposition of the students trying to sit quietly (which they generally did quite well). I found Yr 3’s to be very compliant, but also quite chaotic (of course, as they’re children) but it was funny and sweet to see boys hitting each other with pillows for example, while girls were filming teddy bears sitting in their school chairs and doing writing and filming on ipad (the girls were filming the bears filming themselves – very meta!)

I taught them a bit of maths, did some group reading, discussed John the Baptist, what protective and protection mean and examples of protective equipment e.g. bike helmets and face masks. It was varied and engaging for me as well 🙂

Today I’m going to try to help out around the home as Lily and Jess both have a summer cold virus and are snotty nosed and coughing. But I also need to film my next video (appropriately on the benefits of vaccines), I am grateful that Monday is a public holiday for W.A. so no relief work then, but hopefully more opportunities will be available mid week for me to earn those $$$ once more.

Hope all who read this are healthy and well, have a nice day!


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