Month 3 (yay!) Day 1 of week 9: Further musing on discussions with Atheists like Peter and Vel

I have been engaging in public (to an extent) debate with Atheists via the Facebook page of Ehrlich Educational, private emails, comments on blog posts here on Word press and I intend to call in to a radio show in Austin, Texas next week Monday 6:30 am my time (I missed it this week but honestly appreciate further time to prepare and arrange my thoughts). The show is called Atheist Experience hosted by the Atheist community of Austin, Texas and a man called Matt Dillahunty, that Peter refers to in his discussions with me. I have also been engaging in discussion with ‘Vel’ of clubschadenfreude (also here on WordPress):

I want to address her posts on her ‘about me’ section ‘the boss’s office’ and especially, her comments in the Atheist testimony she published. She is fearless in publishing her views and experiences publicly and I thank her for taking that leap of faith, I want to commiserate with her on the small mindedness and foolishness of small town rural Christians she experienced growing up (though I acknowledge too that there are multiple perspectives on history and her version is biased by her own perceptions and limitations of understanding). I too have personally experienced less than ideal versions of Christian people who are disappointing and even a ’cause of scandal’ see here: basically where someone lets you down, demonstrating less than ideal/exemplary personal standards or hypocrisy and especially in cases where they are ignorant of such or wilfully hold others to higher standards than they do themselves.

I am grateful for the opportunity the internet affords for genuine human connections between people of disparate places, times, experiences and beliefs.

If you too, stumble upon my pages and want to open discourse, feel free – I aim to generate a relatively ‘safe’ space where I promise to be civil in my own discourse and respectful of intellectual traditions such as refraining from ‘ad hominem’ and utilising logic and rationality as the basis for dialogue.

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5 thoughts on “Month 3 (yay!) Day 1 of week 9: Further musing on discussions with Atheists like Peter and Vel

  1. From,the%20view%20they%20are%20advancing.&text=The%20abusive%20ad%20hominem%20fallacy,they%20have%20some%20unfavorable%20property.

    The ad hominem fallacy is bringing irrelevant and personal attacks on an individual to bear in argument/discussion and debate with the intent to ignore or minimise the intellectual validity of such an agent as contrasted with yourself. It is a fallacy as the strength of (or weakness) of an argument is independent of the nature and qualities of the advocate/s.


    1. well, Dane, if I use one of these, I do expect you to cite it. I’ve had a *lot* of christians claim I’ve done this and when I’ve asked them to quote me, they go silent.

      Pointing out a Christian is wrong is not an ad hominem, something many Christians don’t seem to understand. A personal attack is expected to be irrelevant, not just personal.


  2. Thanks for the link. I’ll be interested in hearing your call when you do call in to AXP. Not too familiar with Dillahunty though he is not unusual in being a theist who, after considering becoming a minister, found his research leading in another direction. Like him, I’ve chatted with Ray Comfort.
    I take no leap of faith in publically stating who I am and what I am. I know that there is some danger to it since it is not that uncommon that theists try and do harm and kill atheists.
    Those “small minded and foolish” small town rural Christians are the same as every other Christian. They make the same claims, and unfortunately, Dane, you come off sounding like those Christians who want to claim that they are theologically superior. This is often referred to as SophisticatedTheology™ Sophisticated theology – RationalWiki. Aka those country bumpkins don’t know the more rarefied arguments for Christianity so of course atheists find them wanting. Nope, I find all theists wanting.
    You keep wanting to claim that I am limited in understanding, at least when it is convenient for you. I can be indeed biased and work to not be. I would ask you to show that I’m biased if you wish to claim so.
    I have come to the conclusion that there are no gods not because of Christians being twits, but because Christians being twits shows that their god is at best impotent and at worst imaginary. It is not humans “letting” anyone down, it is this god not doing what it promises. For the same reason, I find Catholics only making excuses for their religion’s failure since this god could have stopped rape of children and it evidently either chose not to or it can’t. An argument that this god uses evil for good doesn’t’ work if it is omnipotent. Then it doesn’t “need” to allow evil at all.


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