Month 3: Week 9, Day 7: Bougainvilliea and Bogans

Well I just had to blog that title was literally too funny to pass up! I went for a run about 8 pm last night around my local area, whilst running down the footpath beside a relatively major road near a Primary school and a day care centre I saw a massive overgrowth of a Bougainvilliea climber which is a thorny and difficult plant drooping down over a wall of a residential home. This home incidentally houses a dog which has very frequently (I’ve been on many walks/jogs nearby) barked aggressively when people are near it, through the opaque wall, I’ve not actually seen it but it sounds like a very large animal, I feel for big dogs kept cooped up in small suburban backyards, it’s just not a good life for them; unsurprisingly it did so again so I yelled loud and clear to shut up (to the dog) as I hoped the owners might hear and being embarrassed would get their animal and go inside or better still notice the bush rustling as I pulled down and threw back onto their property their overhanging vines and branches. No such luck, they were ridiculously aggressive to me – in defence of their animal’s poor ‘feelings’, or perhaps simply because they don’t like other people. A female middle aged voice – I didn’t see the person, yelling at me to shut up then when that didn’t work – I just kept calmly pausing to see if the command had effect (on the dog) and when it didn’t I repeated a total of 4 times over a minute or so while I snapped a few branches near the base. During this one of the occupants a tattooed and older man (maybe mid 50’s) decided he’d had enough, (not of the dog’s continued loud barking, but of me) literally ran to his 2 meter high solid brick wall and jumped up on it to pleasantly say to me “if you don’t f-word off you little c-word I’ll knock your block off” to which I replied “shut your dog up and trim your hedge so it’s not a hazard to the public on the public footpath. If you want to hit me come over here, I’m not stupidly ‘coming to you'”, it being about 2 meters, laterally between us if that, him being constrained on his side of wall no doubt by being unwilling to get near his delightful to look at but extremely awkward and somewhat painful to touch (due to long strong thorns)

plant/bush, but him being as I said, restrained by his very solid wall he had to face up to his impotence in this case. Regardless, I had finished my hedge trim as best I could with no gloves or tools w/o damaging my hand too much, already having a couple minor scratches, so I just started running once more and the occupant, not being quite finished yet, ran to their wood slatted fence/gate to the side of the front of property and yelled out “you keep walking you little s-word”, to which I turned and replied “its called running, perhaps you should try it” as he was clearly out of shape and puffed from his prior exertions, but he decided to remain at his property and nothing else eventuated.

Ah the joys of standing up for one’s self in this life.

I’ll be fascinated to read any comments from others about all this, of course I have discussed with my wife, as she noticed the scratched hand immediately when I got home a half hour later, and she has already expressed the wish that I’d have just ran around the bush uneventfully. Lessons learned šŸ™‚

A link to weed identification

Identifying a bogan:

A note from the RSPCA on barking:

Yelling at the dog only works short term and often requires a pre-established relationship or line of sight, the opaque wall hampering the effectiveness last night, nonetheless it made my point to the dog’s owners that I am not intimidated in the least, and find it quite irritating, perhaps things will change, I live in hope and we shall see!

Just a quick update: I drove past the wall on route to Mass this morning and the bush has been completely trimmed to the wall quite effectively, mission success and I recognise the effort of presumably either that man or woman to rectify their situation as best they could, no ill will from me for that and though I wish they would give their dog to someone who lives in a far more spacious environment, I hope they do in their own limited way, love their dog and treat it as well as they can in their situation.

I pride myself on being fair to others and they have done a great job trimming the plant back to their property line and removing the greenwaste too! Much better šŸ™‚

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