Month 3: Week 10, Day 1 – Called in to ‘Atheist Experience’ @ 6:40 am and it was already a bit late ;p

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I’ve been in call waiting now for 40 mins or so, I spoke to a polite man named Kurt and also waiting a female call screener briefly popped about 10 mins in on to check I was still on hold, I also got a check about 40 mins in from another man – no names though but they too were polite, I have been listening to Jenna and Matt today and then I was briefly put onto a call but was cut off fairly quickly – as Peter (of Reality not fantasy FB page) has often pointed out I might be, so I was unsurprised. Basically one of my arguments for God that I was going to state is that something exists and that something is ordered not inherently chaotic. God being described in my religious tradition among others, as the god of order being formed from chaos. However, I don’t think I got that far, for the record some limited information about theories of when ‘time’ began relative to the big bang is here:

(a discussion of the concept that matter/antimatter are imbalanced in ‘nanoseconds’ after the big bang)

(a 2002 school student page at a high level of completeness – discusses the concept that time begins ‘instantly’ at the moment of ‘big bang’ but then also usefully breaks down a ‘timeline’ of events from that point forward).

(see especially the Planck epoch)

For more on Planck start here:

As a concept the ‘infinitely dense’ matter that occupied the ‘space’ prior to the big bang is a nonsensical concept to me: see here for nonsense defined, I was on the call briefly using the term neutron as analogous to the material that was there simply because to my (humble) understanding – matter is made from sub-atomic particles which are themselves made from ‘sub-sub-atomic things’ known as quarks and leptons and the electron + proton (I believe it to be conceptually: 1 lepton and 3 quarks respectively) is equivalent (additive) to form a neutron (also 3 quarks with ‘absorbed’ or stored energy rather than a lepton), in reverse, a neutron can split to form a proton and electron.

See here:

I don’t actually believe that there is a way to ‘know’ that God is the creator of order, it’s a belief – based on my conceptual understanding of reality. Language demonstrates the limitations imposed upon us in this regard. Our language highlights our ignorance of what we don’t know. Belief steps in where ‘knowledge’ fails us.

Perhaps I will call back in at some point, but I think I’ll learn more from patiently observing Matt in his community and what he thinks will become clearer over more time, I’m in no rush, I’m far younger than he is after all, plenty still to learn…

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