Month 3: Week 10, Day 2

More relief at MTCC and work life balance 🙂 today was another positive relief teaching experience but there were some challenging behaviours and disruptive students in several classes at the Year 8/9 age (approx. 13 – 14) girls and boys who are just a bit developmentally immature and acting out their impulses with little regard for others (including both peers as well as myself) who disliked/disapproved of their behaviours. I’m choosing to link this with the behaviour of some online, still childish in nature, though usually far older, who believe that their anonymity gives them power and a right to speak. If one wishes to speak, one should have something worthwhile to contribute, otherwise it’s futile and wasted energy. It’s a shame but there are many who are wasting their time in this life, I have gone on record as stating I don’t believe that there are do-overs, it’s a one shot thing, either this life and nothing or this life and then eternal consequences. Either way, this life is significant in determining what comes next or nothing comes next and this is all you get. Something to think about if you’re like me and spending your life worrying about what others think of you, even if you don’t want to… I truly hope it helps!

In the spirit of balanced reflection, I’m posting a link to this article which also addresses a real example of debate by people previously regarding vaccination provision in society:

I have no problem with people disagreeing with me, just with people being closed minded. That’s their choice, but in my content creating I don’t have to listen to them or acknowledge them 🙂

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