Month 3 Week 10 Days 4 to 7

Something new this time, I’m jam packed with stuff over the coming few days so taking a break from posting:

Today was a great experience of Primary schooling at Mother Teresa CC and I was quite impressed with the staff and students in Yr 6 and Yr 3 (half-day each) that I supervised in a variety of activities such as reading comprehension with video ‘text’ on BTN by the ABC – see here if curious:, maths (simple division of larger numbers), reading from a book I remember from my own childhood – the magic faraway tree by Enid Blyton and practicing handwriting. Relief work is quite diverse and engaging for me 🙂

Tomorrow is more primary level supervision then I’ll help a colleague for the WAEC set-up their polling place in the evening followed by work as an Ordinary Issuing Officer on the day (March 13 2021) which will if polls and ‘general’ expectations hold (though I am politically agnostic myself), see the incumbent Labor Government returned with a likely/predicted increase in lower house majority which may be quite substantial and even a ‘very long odds’ possibility of upper house legislative control too. Time will tell.

If you’re a fellow Western Australian don’t forget to get out to vote!

Next up I’ve been very honoured to be invited to the Baptism of a close friend’s first child, a lovely little girl who I’m blessed to be asked to be godfather to. I’m very much looking forward to getting to know her over the coming years ahead and introducing her to my own little girl – Lily.

I’m taking a break from the weekly video release schedule due to this full schedule and will upload my next video for Honestdadvice on 21/3 instead of 14/3 and am planning it to focus on modern and historical forms of atheism as well as the ‘apologetic’ version of a Catholic Christian view of faith in Jesus and why it is held by myself and many others today.

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