Month 3: Week 11, Day 1 – Honestdadvice’s back… Alright!

Well it was a very busy and fun experience of the past few days, I got a new new nickname (the best kind, bestowed by others affectionately) I’m now Dane, below the line due to my penchant for recommending (and I quote myself here) that voters “apply maximum personal democratic power” to their votes by taking the trouble to accurately decide preferential votes in the ‘legislative council’ aka ‘upper house’ of the WA State Parliament.

I myself voted 1 for a named candidate below the line, who I know well personally and hope might still get into political office yet but is highly unlikely to get in on this ticket, then promptly voted for the other party 2 – 7, because I do take diversity into account with my own limited power to affect change – I also met a lovely lady who is a very strong candidate for the upcoming Armadale city council elections which will be a feature of the changes wrought by the massive increased lower house majority afforded to Labor in W.A. on Saturday. Currently predicted to be 52 seats compared to 2 (for their no longer ‘official’ opposition – the WA Liberal Party).

The Baptism of Eleanor Smith yesterday afternoon was a beautiful event with a lunch beforehand where I got to know her new Godmother (co-godparents w/me 🙂 and met her personally, wow! What a pretty and well disposed young lady she is already!

I had to on the fly think of a reason to explain the role of godfather when asked by Father Renald (who may or may not have been teasing me 🙂 and I did my best to ‘briefly’ sum up Catholic theology that godparents represent the community support to the domestic Church via the Holy Spirit to guide the spiritual development of the young person towards holiness and Christ-like attitudes in life. We hold high hopes that this generation including my Lily and Andrew’s Eleanor, will be blessed with the many graces necessary to survive the challenges ahead and not just to survive but to thrive and pass on our faith to children of their own one day (if that be God’s plan for them, vocationally).

I aim to write/film/release video #8 by Sunday of this week, on the topic of disbelief in God/gods and creation with inherent meaning or purpose.

Having just restated my creedal faith in the Triune God and Jesus’ mission of life, death, resurrection and ascension, twice yesterday, I’m fired up to preach God’s word to a dark, blind, deaf, dumb and spiritually dead and decaying world’s worth of humanity – my own baptised and confirmed spirit is currently burning brightly with passionate love for Jesus who is my Lord and my God! I want to share that light, life and saltiness – oh, so much saltiness, with certain persons who are enemies currently but I have hope might die in this world believing in their own personal saviour, the One Lord, Jesus Christ, by the time and ‘hour’ of their deaths, for nothing is more certain than that all men die – amen.

Live for someone true or die with nothing but lies and bitter ashes 😦

See here for more:,should%20be%20spending%20your%20time.

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