Month 3: Week 11, Days 6 – 7 :) Weekend escape and adventures!

This weekend we did an impromptu and unplanned trip down to Baldivis to my mother-in-law’s home for a stay overnight with the aim to get everyone used to our Lily sleeping over with her Nanna 🙂 it was a relaxed and pleasant visit and we also took the opportunity to have yummy Indian takeaway, play numerous chess matches, discuss toothbrushing philosophy for 2 y/o’s and even go to the beach for an afternoon snorkel and swim! Thanks Mum 🙂

I’ve edited and am releasing my next video (#8) titled a rebuttal of scientism and I’ve also been powering through the Snyder Cut of Justice League, pretty awesome really.

Looking forward to at least two PE days of relief coming up as well, life is very blessed.

Speaking of blessings, we were able to visit the Mother Teresa Catholic Church as well while down in Baldivis for Mass today which was concelebrated by our Perth Archdiocese’s Auxiliary Bishop Donald Sproxton which was in honour of the ending of their inaugrural Parish Mission and promotion of Catholic faith lifestyle in the modern world, very appropriate for St. Teresa of Calcutta’s namesake parish!

See below for selected snaps from the weekend just gone:

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