Waste in my local park :(

This is an additional post out of my normal sequence, trying something new:

I went to the local park today with my wife and daughter and ended up being driven to pick up as much rubbish as I reasonably could in the time we had allotted before bringing Lily home for her lunch and nap.

I scavenged a discarded pencil case and filled about half or a bit more of a normal size garbage bin, around 30 – 50 cm^3 of rubbish including the usual plastic waste plus more egregious issues such as discarded cigarette butts (in a public playground for children), beer bottle tops, broken plastic cups (that could easily cut children’s feet), clothing and shoes, large plastic waste blown in from nearby building sites and ‘suburban wasteland’, plus wood posts and a large tube of poly pipe.

Be the change you want to see in the world!

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