Month 4 – Week 14, Day 1: Today is a good day to get amongst the sheep and smell like them.

So I’ve just finished watching the livestream of Season 2 of the Chosen! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! It’s no exaggeration to say I hugged my wife and daughter close multiple times and had tears in my eyes at several points during the story of this episode, it was incredibly moving and well thought out, I am super excited for where this goes from here – Dallas Jenkins et al are very much being led by the true Spirit of God in their work and this show has real legs, I am confident God has the plan for this show to continue up to Calvary and beyond over the next 5+ years. I am quietly confident that my homeland will survive at least that long to facilitate this 🙂

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here are some links and I really want you to get onboard, pay it forward like I have and consider buying some gifts too!

This is my favourite quote on a shirt so far!

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