Month 4: Week 14, Days 2 – 4

A short post today, just to update that I’m working this week on video #10 which might be on Mariology or on Dad advice – I haven’t decided as yet, also my mother is coming up on Friday for a week and I’ve applied to several online tutoring platforms so hopefully will have some stories to share about that in good (God’s) time 🙂

A slightly sour note is that the government of WA Education department finally paid me on Thurs 1/4 for the two days of relief work I did for them that I’ve previously posted about – on 18/3 and 22/3 but it turns out that (although I have 6 months to prove my experience and get back pay) they don’t pay casual staff at a higher pay bracket automatically. Furthermore, even though Catholics have a 10 ‘step’ system of pay brackets and 4 yr degree grads, like me start at step 3, with me being recognised for work from 2013, thus being already at Step 9 of 10 when I resigned, I am only allowed to claim full time work as recognition of prior experience, and the state has a three pay increment system, +1 for every three years, which results in me being at best eligible for level 3 of 4 as I’d have to have worked for 9 full years at my prior employer to be eligible for their top bracket. This is the case for all non-Dept of Ed (WA) employees, even if they worked even in the same state but in a different system (in my case the Catholic system – CEWA inc.) thus I was actually paid around $270 per day in contrast to the daily rate at Catholic schools of about $440! (These are net – after tax figures), it makes it even tougher as a value proposition to work with and support students who decidedly need teachers willing to positively engage with them…

Another interesting contrast is that I’ve not yet worked in a state Primary school context, but I get paid the same for either primary or secondary relief at MTCC and to be honest, I am quite happy to do primary school work, the children are very fun and compliant with activities in general and the cognitive complexity of the work is very low (to me) so I can focus on behaviour mgmt 🙂

Hoping all have a wonderful day and God bless you all!

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