Month 4: Weeks 15 and 16 transition to Term 2

This blog has slowed down recently while there was a break for educators in face-to-face or ‘traditional’ education settings, I am looking forward to having more to blog on when I return to seeing students from this week. In addition Australia has a national public holiday upcoming recognising armed services men and women since the ANZACS or Australian and New Zealand Army Corps landed in 1915 at Gallipoli in modern Turkey during WW1 and fought a campaign as part of the British Empire which resulted in extreme casualties.

More to come…

Day 2 (Tuesday) – I’ve been at a wonderful Catholic Primary school today: St. Emilie’s in Canning Vale, where I had a single Yr 6 class all day 🙂 We got along very positively and they begun with a run around outside run by the other teacher of the paired class in adjoining rooms. There are a total of 50 students in Yr 6 there. The small(ish) class sizes and the general demeanour/dispositions of the children are very positive. I am very grateful to be able to build rapport with the students rapidly based on being approachable and confident in how I deliver instructions + observe the children and offer guidance/management and directions to tasks. We covered English concepts from learning about prefixes through oral reading, of a teen novel called ‘Holes’, including some comprehension activities, maths including understanding roman numerals and IT based activities including iMovie creation in the afternoon, a full + fun day was had by all and there were many reward ‘points’ awarded for good behaviour choices 🙂

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