Month 6: Week 22 – Sat in review :)

Hello readers and followers! I hope you all are staying healthy and well. I have had a busy week of relief work, lesson design and tutoring this morning and am just about to ‘clock-off’ after this blog post! It’s been a fairly standard week in relief, 2 days in high-school, 1 in primary with Home Economics (cooking and related food science for health), Year 3’s and Year 4’s at a nearby Catholic primary school called St. Emilies, followed by Maths in my local State High School once again. Yesterday was also the concluding day of my short-term contract work producing x 5 lessons in the end on ATAR Human Biology for Yr 11 on Human Reproduction. Hopefully the company involved, Singular Health, might have more work on their new ‘Virtual Anatomy’ platform in future which I am sure I’d be considered a good candidate for based on the quality of what I’ve been able to produce thus far. Finally, I had a tutoring session this morning for an hour with a nice and motivated Yr 9 boy wanting to cover Earth Science and properties of matter in more depth as part of a ‘head-start’ for Senior Chemistry programme offered by a company of online tutoring called Cluey learning I’ve just begun casual work for last week.

My daughter Lily has been sick with a runny nose and cough this past week as the weather settles into winter cool, especially in the evening/morning we both have had a bit of discomfort (I caught a touch of her ‘bug’ with a sore throat and blocked nose on Thurs). Hopefully we’re both on the mend through the rest of this ‘forecasted’ to be warm and sunny long-weekend to celebrate W.A. being founded in the 19th century!

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The reasons for Monday’s Public Holiday if any are curious, see here!

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