Month 6, Week 26 – Monday (Wk 11 of T2 – back in ‘temporary’ lockdown…)

Good morning readers, today I’m writing from a borrowed school device, whilst supervising just 5 of 18 students present in a Yr 10 HASS class. Perth and Peel are back in lockdown for a few days as a precaution for COVID-19 outbreak spreading from NSW to WA.

The past few weeks my whole family has been sick (not with COVID-19, as people still get other things 🙂 I suspect I had bacterial lung infection as I was very unwell and coughing up yellow phlegm for 2 weeks straight but it started clearing up once I treated with a week of amoxycillin (oral antibiotic). My wife is also suffering from a similar complaint currently so I like many others pray for health and healing. I remain very grateful for the blessing of hot water, shelter, warm clothes and hygiene that I and my family enjoy daily. We are very well cared for by God and I am grateful, always!

I intend to use the upcoming school holidays for at least one more video for my HDV channel and more blog posts. Apologies for the drop off in output recently, but to clarify, my aims and ambitions to be an online content creator are still there, just in a modified form as I try to find a balance with productive work in education (where the vast majority of my family’s income still derives from).

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