Month 6, Week 26 – Monday (Wk 11 of T2 – back in ‘temporary’ lockdown…)

Good morning readers, today I’m writing from a borrowed school device, whilst supervising just 5 of 18 students present in a Yr 10 HASS class. Perth and Peel are back in lockdown for a few days as a precaution for COVID-19 outbreak spreading from NSW to WA. The past few weeks my whole family hasContinue reading “Month 6, Week 26 – Monday (Wk 11 of T2 – back in ‘temporary’ lockdown…)”

Month 6: Week 22 – Sat in review :)

Hello readers and followers! I hope you all are staying healthy and well. I have had a busy week of relief work, lesson design and tutoring this morning and am just about to ‘clock-off’ after this blog post! It’s been a fairly standard week in relief, 2 days in high-school, 1 in primary with HomeContinue reading “Month 6: Week 22 – Sat in review :)”

Month 5: Week 21, the Saturday review :)

This week has once again been hectic and busy, I’ve spend 4 days in relief at 3 different schools, my old Primary school relocated and is actually just a 2 minute drive from my home! I went there on Monday and it was a fun day with a Yr 5 class, though there were aContinue reading “Month 5: Week 21, the Saturday review :)”

Month 5: Week 20! Monday’s Weekly Update :)

Hi there and thanks for reading, I’m writing an update after a VERY busy 7 days, wow – I’ve been accepted for two additional casual roles as a Science Curriculum developer in the WACE ATAR Yr 11 S2 Human Biology area on the topic of Human Reproduction where I’m working in a small team forContinue reading “Month 5: Week 20! Monday’s Weekly Update :)”

Month 5: Week 19 – the Monday recap

Well hello there! If you’re still reading my blog posts, thank you very much for sticking with me 🙂 I’ve been reducing to fewer but hopefully more interesting post frequency recently. Today’s will focus on 3 elements: 1. the return to ‘normalcy’ in Perth/Peel W.A. from Lockdown; 2. the experiences of teaching relief work contrastedContinue reading “Month 5: Week 19 – the Monday recap”

Month 5: Week 18 :)

Hi everyone, I’m just going to document some of the crazy amount of stuff that’s been happening – phew, I’m tired out already and its only Monday! Firstly it’s still COVID-19 lockdown ‘lite’ this week (till Sat 8th May) with masks required most places in Perth, however, with venue restrictions relaxed a fair degree. TheContinue reading “Month 5: Week 18 :)”

Month 4: Week 17 – Term 2 the Journey continues…

This week is 4 days of classes – today, Thursday and Friday at a College’s special Autism focussed learning centre as well as a Yr 5/6 Primary School class tomorrow. I’ve had some great lessons thus far this Term, doing chats about family, life and morals with teens is what I live for! I alsoContinue reading “Month 4: Week 17 – Term 2 the Journey continues…”

Month 4 (April 25th 2021) ANZAC Day reflections

Today I want to blog about the situation in W.A. and the Perth Metropolitan region (incl. ‘Peel’ aka Mandurah and surrounds), I want to link the circumstances of a ‘snap lockdown’ for 3 days to the reasons for and purpose of reflecting society-wide, on the Armed Services of Australia and New Zealand – colloquially stillContinue reading “Month 4 (April 25th 2021) ANZAC Day reflections”

Month 4: Weeks 15 and 16 transition to Term 2

This blog has slowed down recently while there was a break for educators in face-to-face or ‘traditional’ education settings, I am looking forward to having more to blog on when I return to seeing students from this week. In addition Australia has a national public holiday upcoming recognising armed services men and women since theContinue reading “Month 4: Weeks 15 and 16 transition to Term 2”

Month 4: Week 15, Days 1 – 5 Grame visit continues

Today we are taking Lily to the shopping centre for an outing, I am planning to record my next video tomorrow and Jess will take Lily to her own Aunty’s home to play with their daughters as well during the hols 🙂 More updates to come later in week. Later in the week, Jess suggestedContinue reading “Month 4: Week 15, Days 1 – 5 Grame visit continues”