Month 6, Week 26 – Monday (Wk 11 of T2 – back in ‘temporary’ lockdown…)

Good morning readers, today I’m writing from a borrowed school device, whilst supervising just 5 of 18 students present in a Yr 10 HASS class. Perth and Peel are back in lockdown for a few days as a precaution for COVID-19 outbreak spreading from NSW to WA. The past few weeks my whole family hasContinue reading “Month 6, Week 26 – Monday (Wk 11 of T2 – back in ‘temporary’ lockdown…)”

Month 6: Week 22 – Sat in review :)

Hello readers and followers! I hope you all are staying healthy and well. I have had a busy week of relief work, lesson design and tutoring this morning and am just about to ‘clock-off’ after this blog post! It’s been a fairly standard week in relief, 2 days in high-school, 1 in primary with HomeContinue reading “Month 6: Week 22 – Sat in review :)”

Month 5: Week 21, the Saturday review :)

This week has once again been hectic and busy, I’ve spend 4 days in relief at 3 different schools, my old Primary school relocated and is actually just a 2 minute drive from my home! I went there on Monday and it was a fun day with a Yr 5 class, though there were aContinue reading “Month 5: Week 21, the Saturday review :)”

Month 5: Week 20! Monday’s Weekly Update :)

Hi there and thanks for reading, I’m writing an update after a VERY busy 7 days, wow – I’ve been accepted for two additional casual roles as a Science Curriculum developer in the WACE ATAR Yr 11 S2 Human Biology area on the topic of Human Reproduction where I’m working in a small team forContinue reading “Month 5: Week 20! Monday’s Weekly Update :)”

Month 5: Week 19 – the Monday recap

Well hello there! If you’re still reading my blog posts, thank you very much for sticking with me 🙂 I’ve been reducing to fewer but hopefully more interesting post frequency recently. Today’s will focus on 3 elements: 1. the return to ‘normalcy’ in Perth/Peel W.A. from Lockdown; 2. the experiences of teaching relief work contrastedContinue reading “Month 5: Week 19 – the Monday recap”

Month 5: Week 18 :)

Hi everyone, I’m just going to document some of the crazy amount of stuff that’s been happening – phew, I’m tired out already and its only Monday! Firstly it’s still COVID-19 lockdown ‘lite’ this week (till Sat 8th May) with masks required most places in Perth, however, with venue restrictions relaxed a fair degree. TheContinue reading “Month 5: Week 18 :)”

Month 4: Week 17 – Term 2 the Journey continues…

This week is 4 days of classes – today, Thursday and Friday at a College’s special Autism focussed learning centre as well as a Yr 5/6 Primary School class tomorrow. I’ve had some great lessons thus far this Term, doing chats about family, life and morals with teens is what I live for! I alsoContinue reading “Month 4: Week 17 – Term 2 the Journey continues…”

Month 4 (April 25th 2021) ANZAC Day reflections

Today I want to blog about the situation in W.A. and the Perth Metropolitan region (incl. ‘Peel’ aka Mandurah and surrounds), I want to link the circumstances of a ‘snap lockdown’ for 3 days to the reasons for and purpose of reflecting society-wide, on the Armed Services of Australia and New Zealand – colloquially stillContinue reading “Month 4 (April 25th 2021) ANZAC Day reflections”

Month 4: Weeks 15 and 16 transition to Term 2

This blog has slowed down recently while there was a break for educators in face-to-face or ‘traditional’ education settings, I am looking forward to having more to blog on when I return to seeing students from this week. In addition Australia has a national public holiday upcoming recognising armed services men and women since theContinue reading “Month 4: Weeks 15 and 16 transition to Term 2”

Month 4 – Week 14, Day 1: Today is a good day to get amongst the sheep and smell like them.

So I’ve just finished watching the livestream of Season 2 of the Chosen! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! It’s no exaggeration to say I hugged my wife and daughter close multiple times and had tears in my eyes at several points during the story of this episode, it was incredibly moving and well thought out, IContinue reading “Month 4 – Week 14, Day 1: Today is a good day to get amongst the sheep and smell like them.”