Month 4 – Week 14, Day 1: Today is a good day to get amongst the sheep and smell like them.

So I’ve just finished watching the livestream of Season 2 of the Chosen! I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! It’s no exaggeration to say I hugged my wife and daughter close multiple times and had tears in my eyes at several points during the story of this episode, it was incredibly moving and well thought out, IContinue reading “Month 4 – Week 14, Day 1: Today is a good day to get amongst the sheep and smell like them.”

Honestdadvice wishes you a Happy, Holy Easter!

Picture source: It’s Resurrection Sunday! May God continue to abundantly bless us with time to learn and grow in holiness thanks to the Holy Spirit of God – inspiring us within the Catholic Church, as well as all people of goodwill, especially but not exclusively fellow Christians, as we celebrate Easter, God’s masterful triumphContinue reading “Honestdadvice wishes you a Happy, Holy Easter!”

Honestdadvice Reflects: Good Friday in the Easter Triduum

Image source: Today is a strange day, a fact that should never be forgotten! As a Roman Catholic today began last night at 7 pm with the starting of the Holiest of the Liturgical phases of the Catholic year: Holy or Maundy Thursday liturgy commemorating the institution of the Holy Eucharist, the washing ofContinue reading “Honestdadvice Reflects: Good Friday in the Easter Triduum”

Month 3: Week 12, Days 4 – 7 + Week 13, Days 1 – 4

“Daddy’s doing his blog post…” words I have come to say to Lily frequently these past months! It’s been a while since my last post as I’m deliberately slowing the pace of these with work and life balance on my mind. The past few days have been quite fun, I had several days of reliefContinue reading “Month 3: Week 12, Days 4 – 7 + Week 13, Days 1 – 4”

Waste in my local park :(

This is an additional post out of my normal sequence, trying something new: I went to the local park today with my wife and daughter and ended up being driven to pick up as much rubbish as I reasonably could in the time we had allotted before bringing Lily home for her lunch and nap.Continue reading “Waste in my local park :(“

Month 3: Week 12, Days 1 – 3 Real stories from teaching relief/supply

First image is a school gym store, the nets for tennis were cleverly designed and foldable into little bags (ANZ Bank branded ‘hot shots’ kind) Phew, another day of relief done and dusted 🙂 I’ve been to the previously mentioned state school, now a College on Monday for a second relief day but honestly itContinue reading “Month 3: Week 12, Days 1 – 3 Real stories from teaching relief/supply”

Month 3: Week 11, Days 6 – 7 :) Weekend escape and adventures!

This weekend we did an impromptu and unplanned trip down to Baldivis to my mother-in-law’s home for a stay overnight with the aim to get everyone used to our Lily sleeping over with her Nanna 🙂 it was a relaxed and pleasant visit and we also took the opportunity to have yummy Indian takeaway, playContinue reading “Month 3: Week 11, Days 6 – 7 🙂 Weekend escape and adventures!”

Month 3: Week 11 Days 4 – 5

The image above is a student from one of my relief schooling opportunities commenting in reply to someone asking me to prove that God exists. Alrighty, well I’m back and reflecting upon more relief work today: I had the opportunity to do relief at an Independent Public School yesterday (a Thursday) and it was anContinue reading “Month 3: Week 11 Days 4 – 5”

Month 3: Week 11, Day 1 – Honestdadvice’s back… Alright!

Well it was a very busy and fun experience of the past few days, I got a new new nickname (the best kind, bestowed by others affectionately) I’m now Dane, below the line due to my penchant for recommending (and I quote myself here) that voters “apply maximum personal democratic power” to their votes byContinue reading “Month 3: Week 11, Day 1 – Honestdadvice’s back… Alright!”

Month 3 Week 10 Days 4 to 7

Something new this time, I’m jam packed with stuff over the coming few days so taking a break from posting: Today was a great experience of Primary schooling at Mother Teresa CC and I was quite impressed with the staff and students in Yr 6 and Yr 3 (half-day each) that I supervised in aContinue reading “Month 3 Week 10 Days 4 to 7”