Month 2 – Week 7: Day 1 Adventures in the CBD of Perth

This morning I decided not to write a blog post until my trip out, planned for the first morning since School term begun that the W.A. State Department of Education was open to the public so I could finalise their required ID check in person for the 2nd stage of a Nationally Coordinated Criminal HistoryContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 7: Day 1 Adventures in the CBD of Perth”

Month 2 – Week 6: Day 6

Its Valentine’s day tomorrow (the Feast of St. Valentine) who was a Catholic martyr in the 3rd century: much is not known with certainty or is disputed but the following source is reliable in its scholarship and clearly acknowledges the difficulties. Nonetheless Catholics and many others choose to celebrate romantic relationships and especially marriageContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 6: Day 6”

Month 2 – Week 6: Day 4

I have been in the process of a debate/discussion with a fellow Facebook user who has an account/page called reality not fantasy, who is a self-evidently militantly Atheistic person who advocates the specific view that religions are all a form of delusion and that there is no god/gods, requesting that I acknowledge this point, forContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 6: Day 4”

Month 2 – Week 6: Day 3

Well my 3rd vid has been released in the night, I’m proud of how fast a turnaround I can achieve now, getting a video from initial planning to published in 2 days (I’m confident I can speed that up still further with practice). My next video topic will be the issues regarding life, healthcare andContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 6: Day 3”

Month 2 – Week 6: Day 1 Back to School in W.A. but not returning myself

This blog has always been a bit of a journal/diary as well as the promotional page for my videos as Honestdadvice, so if you have read or engaged thus far you may know I’m a High School Science and Religious Education (Catholic Christianity) teacher in Perth W.A. however, I have resigned amicably from my roleContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 6: Day 1 Back to School in W.A. but not returning myself”

Month 2 – Week 5: Day 7 Virtual Mass attendance

Due to extended mask wearing procedures for Mass attendance my wife and I will observe a home-based liturgy (public worship) via internet stream and the following prayer: An Act of Spiritual Communion My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive YouContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 5: Day 7 Virtual Mass attendance”

Month 2 – Week 5: Day 6

Hi all, thankfully where I am in South-West W.A. and the Perth region, the 5 day lockdown was deemed successful with no new cases detected in fairly rigorous testing, especially in ‘suspected hotspot’ locations, the lockdown was lifted for most from 6 pm, but there was a line to get into the local haberdashery retailerContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 5: Day 6”

Month 2 – Week 5: Day 5

I thought I’d start today’s post by recounting that last night at 10 pm – my wife and I decided to try to get back into routine Rosary recitation before sleeping. We use an app and subscription to and it guides us through a daily rosary with accurate mysteries and scriptural quotations which areContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 5: Day 5”

Month 2 – Week 5: Day 4

Today began with a lie in to almost 8:45 am (remember we’re in lockdown so no relief teaching for me as yet). My wife and I prepared the kitchen as normal – resetting from the prior day by unloading and putting away dishes and making SO many more of course with 3 people’s breakfast cerealsContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 5: Day 4”

Month 2 – Week 5: Day 3

Howdy all, today is what traditionally would be pay day and bin day – I am currently a self-employed small business owner as those following the blog might know, due to resigning from my 100k per year role as a full-time High School teacher of science and religious education at the end of 2020. WhyContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 5: Day 3”