Month 2 – Week 5: Day 2

I finished recording my video on free speech last night, eagle eyed viewers will notice a blue undershirt appear the disappear in the edit 🙂 I also did a HASFit exercise (see here: for 30 mins on the lounge tv with my wife at 8 pm last night and was so loud Lily couldn’tContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 5: Day 2”

Month 2 – Week 5: Day 1

Today marks the start of a period of 5 days of snap ‘lockdown’ for the people of South-West WA (including myself and some 2 million others in Perth the state capital and many other regional centres) This is due to one confirmed case of community transmission of Covid-19 and further suspected cases in a clusterContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 5: Day 1”

Week 4 – Day 7: Early morning Mass, video prep on new topic – Free speech

Hi all, today is the release of my first video on YouTube under the Honestdadvice name 🙂 It will be live at midday (GMT+8 31/1/21), if you are curious I hope you will go check it out! I went to Mass this morning early at 7:30 am and it was very calm and peaceful thereContinue reading “Week 4 – Day 7: Early morning Mass, video prep on new topic – Free speech”

Week 4 – Day 6: Adventures at home!

So yesterday evening Lily helped bake her first batch of brownies with Mummy and Daddy! It was very special and she was super helpful 🙂 I also carried on a convo with a nice man from West Africa about life and business before bed and I finished my most recent Kindle Book – Angel MageContinue reading “Week 4 – Day 6: Adventures at home!”

Week 4 – Day 5: I’ve finally finished vid #1 – woot, now on to other discussion ideas!

This morning I’m going to do some lawn mowing and while I do, I’ll be ruminating on what I’ll discuss in my video channel next. I didn’t fully complete my discussion on Religion and Science of course, it’s not possible in one 20+ min vid, but I did set up a good outline for myContinue reading “Week 4 – Day 5: I’ve finally finished vid #1 – woot, now on to other discussion ideas!”

Week 4 – Day 3: Working on my youtube channel and first vids again!

Today I’ve begun formatting and presenting my youtube channel a little more professionally with a new banner, an ‘about me’ and links to this blog 🙂 I will now try to film a first video to then edit and upload on the starting topic of science and religion.

Week 4 – Day 2: Relaxing on Australia’s National Day

Having a super chilled and relaxed day/arvo at home right now. Went to a mates’ home for BBQ lunch but Lily got a bit tired and cranky in the early arvo so we called it and have come home to have Dhal and rice for dinner (a nice way to acknowledge that it’s also IndianContinue reading “Week 4 – Day 2: Relaxing on Australia’s National Day”

Week 4 – Day 1: Catching up with long time mates for a beer and lunch today!

It’s almost Australia Day (Jan 26th) when as a nation – Australians get a public holiday to celebrate being free and prosperous and the wide variety of cultural backgrounds that contribute to this country. Unfortunately, many on the political left agitate for a change the date policy to acknowledge the dispossession of land by EuropeanContinue reading “Week 4 – Day 1: Catching up with long time mates for a beer and lunch today!”

Week 3 – Day 7: Mass this morning with my family 😇

I love and trust in Jesus and pray for all of the human family at this time of challenge and struggle in our world and societies. We face many complex problems and I truly believe that the issues are too complicated and difficult to resolve by ourselves and our own power of individual and collectiveContinue reading “Week 3 – Day 7: Mass this morning with my family 😇”

Week 3 – Day 6: Little Bangkok, TGIF and a lie in!

Last night Jess and I had 2021’s first ‘date night’ and her Mum came up to babysit Lily for a few hours, generously with her partner despite them both having busy working weeks! Lily was thankfully a breeze and calm with them having lots of fun playing with finger puppets he had bought from IkeaContinue reading “Week 3 – Day 6: Little Bangkok, TGIF and a lie in!”