Day 7 – Morning Mass then Lunch w/fam @ Auntie’s 🙂

Today was a hectic morning, it always is getting ready for Church with a two year old! We braved the roadworks en route to our Church as it is near a level crossing on suburban rail network which is very congested and needs an underpass for road users badly. I find it hard to focusContinue reading “Day 7 – Morning Mass then Lunch w/fam @ Auntie’s 🙂”

Day 5 – Shopping outing w/Fam

Today Jess, Lily and I are braving the wild madness of our local suburban Mall/Shopping Centre called Carousel run by the multinational company: Westfield. We need to purchase a gift for her eldest cousin who is turning 21! As well as a tripod for my phone for video recording for my YouTube channel. We mightContinue reading “Day 5 – Shopping outing w/Fam”

Day 4 – Exercise w/Family walk then shopping!

Today Jess, Lily and I went for a walk around our neighbourhood together 🙂 We try to do this at least once a week and aim for 45 mins and about 4 km. The flies are really bad where we are (semi-rural with cows in pasture right across the road). So a fly net helpsContinue reading “Day 4 – Exercise w/Family walk then shopping!”

Day 3 – Morning routine, do something purposeful and meaningful each day!

I want to share some wisdom from my musing whilst watering the garden and grass of my rented home today. Firstly, thanks for reading and I hope you are safe and well, it’s a privilege to be in sunny Perth, Western Australia and live in peace and security. I am very blessed and practice regularContinue reading “Day 3 – Morning routine, do something purposeful and meaningful each day!”

Day 2 – My Morning Momentum Continuation

I got up a bit later than my wife who this morning went to get our daughter from her cot in her nursery. Our daughter Lily was a little sniffly as she and I have had a summer cold for almost a week now. We spent about 10 more mins lying in bed as aContinue reading “Day 2 – My Morning Momentum Continuation”