Week 3 – Day 7: Mass this morning with my family πŸ˜‡

I love and trust in Jesus and pray for all of the human family at this time of challenge and struggle in our world and societies. We face many complex problems and I truly believe that the issues are too complicated and difficult to resolve by ourselves and our own power of individual and collectiveContinue reading “Week 3 – Day 7: Mass this morning with my family πŸ˜‡”

Week 2 – Day 2: Going to the Pools w/Fam β˜ΊοΈβ€οΈπŸ‘

Today is a lovely 33 deg C and overcast so Jess and I took Lily to the local pools for a swim, she is so adorable in her floaties with wonder woman theme, Jess and I had a chance to float and splash with her it was lovely, later will have to ‘hit the books’Continue reading “Week 2 – Day 2: Going to the Pools w/Fam β˜ΊοΈβ€οΈπŸ‘”

Day 7 – Morning Mass then Lunch w/fam @ Auntie’s πŸ™‚

Today was a hectic morning, it always is getting ready for Church with a two year old! We braved the roadworks en route to our Church as it is near a level crossing on suburban rail network which is very congested and needs an underpass for road users badly. I find it hard to focusContinue reading “Day 7 – Morning Mass then Lunch w/fam @ Auntie’s πŸ™‚”

Day 2 – My Morning Momentum Continuation

I got up a bit later than my wife who this morning went to get our daughter from her cot in her nursery. Our daughter Lily was a little sniffly as she and I have had a summer cold for almost a week now. We spent about 10 more mins lying in bed as aContinue reading “Day 2 – My Morning Momentum Continuation”