Month 6, Week 26 – Monday (Wk 11 of T2 – back in ‘temporary’ lockdown…)

Good morning readers, today I’m writing from a borrowed school device, whilst supervising just 5 of 18 students present in a Yr 10 HASS class. Perth and Peel are back in lockdown for a few days as a precaution for COVID-19 outbreak spreading from NSW to WA. The past few weeks my whole family hasContinue reading “Month 6, Week 26 – Monday (Wk 11 of T2 – back in ‘temporary’ lockdown…)”

Month 4 (April 25th 2021) ANZAC Day reflections

Today I want to blog about the situation in W.A. and the Perth Metropolitan region (incl. ‘Peel’ aka Mandurah and surrounds), I want to link the circumstances of a ‘snap lockdown’ for 3 days to the reasons for and purpose of reflecting society-wide, on the Armed Services of Australia and New Zealand – colloquially stillContinue reading “Month 4 (April 25th 2021) ANZAC Day reflections”

Month 2 – Week 5: Day 7 Virtual Mass attendance

Due to extended mask wearing procedures for Mass attendance my wife and I will observe a home-based liturgy (public worship) via internet stream and the following prayer: An Act of Spiritual Communion My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive YouContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 5: Day 7 Virtual Mass attendance”

Month 2 – Week 5: Day 3

Howdy all, today is what traditionally would be pay day and bin day – I am currently a self-employed small business owner as those following the blog might know, due to resigning from my 100k per year role as a full-time High School teacher of science and religious education at the end of 2020. WhyContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 5: Day 3”