Week 2 – Day 2: Going to the Pools w/Fam ☺️❤️👍

Today is a lovely 33 deg C and overcast so Jess and I took Lily to the local pools for a swim, she is so adorable in her floaties with wonder woman theme, Jess and I had a chance to float and splash with her it was lovely, later will have to ‘hit the books’Continue reading “Week 2 – Day 2: Going to the Pools w/Fam ☺️❤️👍”

Day 4 – Exercise w/Family walk then shopping!

Today Jess, Lily and I went for a walk around our neighbourhood together 🙂 We try to do this at least once a week and aim for 45 mins and about 4 km. The flies are really bad where we are (semi-rural with cows in pasture right across the road). So a fly net helpsContinue reading “Day 4 – Exercise w/Family walk then shopping!”