Week 2 – Day 5: Lily in the new sandpit, Adobe stock photos research and logo design πŸ™‚

So my little girl had a lot of fun in her new sandpit undercover in back patio area after lunch, I spent some time researching for stock images on the themes of advice, Dad, honesty, science and religion successfully and will upload a logo design soon from Adobe Illustrator. Tomorrow is a family trip toContinue reading “Week 2 – Day 5: Lily in the new sandpit, Adobe stock photos research and logo design πŸ™‚”

Week 2 – Day 4: Getting Lily to a playdate, setting up video room and recording draft footage!

Today I drove Lily to her Great Auntie and her daughters home for a playdate, very grateful for the opportunity to sit and record some draft footage quietly at home. Of course, chores come first, so did the watering and set up a sandpit which was a Christmas pressie as well. #Dad_Life

Week 2 – Day 2: Going to the Pools w/Fam β˜ΊοΈβ€οΈπŸ‘

Today is a lovely 33 deg C and overcast so Jess and I took Lily to the local pools for a swim, she is so adorable in her floaties with wonder woman theme, Jess and I had a chance to float and splash with her it was lovely, later will have to ‘hit the books’Continue reading “Week 2 – Day 2: Going to the Pools w/Fam β˜ΊοΈβ€οΈπŸ‘”

Day 2 – My Morning Momentum Continuation

I got up a bit later than my wife who this morning went to get our daughter from her cot in her nursery. Our daughter Lily was a little sniffly as she and I have had a summer cold for almost a week now. We spent about 10 more mins lying in bed as aContinue reading “Day 2 – My Morning Momentum Continuation”