Week 2 – Day 1: Pizza triumph and trying to stay motivated

This morning I want to share that pizza was a success Woot! Got a great crust which puffed nicely but wasn’t too thick in middle with a technique called docking (poking the dough with a fork or spiked roller before layering on your topping) we ate one pizza between two for dinner then brekky againContinue reading “Week 2 – Day 1: Pizza triumph and trying to stay motivated”

Day 7 – Morning Mass then Lunch w/fam @ Auntie’s 🙂

Today was a hectic morning, it always is getting ready for Church with a two year old! We braved the roadworks en route to our Church as it is near a level crossing on suburban rail network which is very congested and needs an underpass for road users badly. I find it hard to focusContinue reading “Day 7 – Morning Mass then Lunch w/fam @ Auntie’s 🙂”

Day 6 – Honest Dad food 🙂

Jess and I worked together this morning to prepare dough for tomorrow evening pizza after we will be out all day – a nice easy dinner, the secret to hand-making dough is the kneading technique and being patient while the dough rises (a fermentation process) which we always try to allow at least 24 hrsContinue reading “Day 6 – Honest Dad food 🙂”