Month 2 – Week 7: Day 2

Adventures of everyday life 🙂 this morning I went out with Jess and Lily, went to Target shopping for items for each of us, ended up with some nice easter bunny ears for Lily, Jess and I 🙂 I also purchased more things for setting up a makeshift/self-made teleprompter for a relatively low price. YesterdayContinue reading “Month 2 – Week 7: Day 2”

Week 3 – Day 3: ‘Grame’ visit first full day + dealing with practical business start-up

Milk moustache! Lily loves spending time with her ‘Grame’ – grandma on my side 🙂 who is visiting for about 4 days while her husband is away for work. We will help Jess out by doing the next shopping trip w/o her this morning so she can go to a health/wellbeing appointment alone and relax.Continue reading “Week 3 – Day 3: ‘Grame’ visit first full day + dealing with practical business start-up”

Week 3 – Day 2: Shopping outing and a visit from my mother for the week

This morning we are going out shopping for a canvas so Lily and Jess can do some art together, we might also get some kitchen gear and replace/upgrade some things – I’d like a larger volume stove top coffee maker pot (we make our own coffee at home very regularly!)

Day 4 – Exercise w/Family walk then shopping!

Today Jess, Lily and I went for a walk around our neighbourhood together 🙂 We try to do this at least once a week and aim for 45 mins and about 4 km. The flies are really bad where we are (semi-rural with cows in pasture right across the road). So a fly net helpsContinue reading “Day 4 – Exercise w/Family walk then shopping!”